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Timetable of Events

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107th Yea Show – Timetable of Events

Permanent Displays – all day:

Tennis Pavilion:

– Cooking, Preserves, Eggs, Children’s fun cooking activity

- Cooking demonstrations

9am - 11am 



Netball Pavilion:

-Horticulture, including cut flowers, floral arrangements, vegetables, displays

Main Pavilion:

- Art, Crafts, Needlework, Woodwork, Photography.

- Yea Men's Shed & Yea Spin & Yarn Group - Demonstrations and Display
-Luncheon Rooms – CWA sit-down morning/afternoon teas


CWA Schools Display and V.A.S.A. School’s Essay Competition

C.F.A. & Police Display:

Pumper, Tankers, Information Booth and BBQ.


Magic Show

Performances at 11am, 12.30 pm, 2pm


Lizard Wizard

30 minute shows all day - beside the Fleece Pavilion


Stewart Bryant Whipcracking & Horsemanship Skills, Grand Parade, Dog High Jump,

Young Farmer Challenge & Pete Miller Band  

All on Main Arena from 1.00pm


Championship Woodchop Competitions and Displays 

between Netball and Tennis Pavilions 

Rides, Showbags, Trade Stands and Craft Stalls

Program of Events:

7:30am    Sheep Yard Dog Trials - Judges talk
8:00am    Sheep Yard Dog Trials begin

9:00am    Horse Arena Events commence

9:00am    Cattle Judging commences
9:00am    Horticulture Judging begins – Pavilion closed during judging
10:00am  Poultry Judging begins in Eric Aldous Poultry Pavilion - Pavillion closed during judging
10:00am  Goats Judging begins - in Harvey Sichlau Sheep Pavilion.

Netball Courts

10:00am   Pavilion Opens to the Public
10:00am   Fleece Pavilion opens to the public includes spinning demonstrations
10:30am    Championship Woodchop competitions begin
12noon     Vealer On Hoof Judging - Cattle Area 
12noon     Rural and Junior Ambassador Judging begins – entrants to meet at the Show Office
12noon     Horticulture Pavilion Opens to Public
1:00pm     Teen, Junior Citizen and Tiny Tot Competitions Judging begins – entrants to meet at Show Office

1:00pm     Grand Parade on Main Arena
1:15pm      Dog High Jump on main Arena in front of Grandstand – providing there are entrants
1:30pm     Stewart Bryant Whipcracking & Horsemanship Skills on Main Arena. 2nd Show 3:15pm

2:30pm     Young Farmer Challenge on Main Arena 

2:30pm     Winners announced for Ambassadors, Citizens and Tiny Tots

4:00pm-6pm     Peter Miller on Main Arena
4:30pm    Pavilion closes – entries may be collected.

Saturday 23rd November

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