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The winners from each catergory from the 2022 Yea Show 

Hoof and Hook Competition Winners


Class 1 Domestic Trade 

 1st Nicole Marasco

 2nd Jones Farm

 3rd Trevor Stevens


Class 2 Heavy Domestic

1st Jones Farm

2nd Alex Lineham

3rd Murray Vanderdrift


Class 1 On the Hook

1st Ross Girdwood

2nd Jones Farm

3rd  Lyn Johnson


Class 2 On the Hook

1st Alex Lineham

2nd Alex Lineham
3rd Peter & Kerry Tull


Overall champion carcass 

Goats Results


Best Exhibit in Show   

Champion Toggenburg   

Champion British Alpine  

Resrve Champion British Alpine   

Champion Anglo Nubian   

Reserve Champion Anglo Nubian   

Champion Nigerian Dwarf   


1. * Best Udder, 1st Lactation   

2. * Best Udder, 2nd Lactation or more   




5. British Alpine Doe, any Lactation   

6. Anglo Nubian Doe, any Lactation   


13. * Type & Production Q*  

14. * Type & Production Herd Recording   





17. British Alpine Goatling   

18. Anglo Nubian Goatling  





26. British Alpine Doe Kid  

27. Anglo Nubian Doe Kid   

30. Nigerian Dwarf Doe Kid   





33. Breeders Group. 3 goats, same Stud Prefix   


34. Dam and Daughter  


35. Pair of Does  


38. Buck Kid, any breed   




Poultry Results


Best Bird in Show   The Aubrey Garlick Memorial Trophy won by Brian Daniels with Modern A.O.C Female

Reserve Bird in Show   The David Lawrance Memorial Trophy won by Rebekah Kroenert with A.O.V Heavy Breed Male

Best Standard Light Male   The Eric Aldous Memorial Trophy won by Jack Todd with A.O.V Light Breed Male

Best Standard Light Female   The Graeme Jones Trophy won by Rebekah Kroenert with Silver Hamburg Female

Best Standard Heavy Male   The Andy Jameson Memorial Trophy won by Rebekah Kroenert with A.O.V Heavy Breed Male

Best Standard Heavy Female  Yea Poultry Club Award won by Ann-maree Moncur with A.O.V Game Female

Best Drake  The Jack Todd Trophy won by Michael & Cathy Holmes with A.O.V Drake

Best Duck   The Leigh Mannix Trophy won by Michael & Cathy Holmes with A.O.V Duck

Best Hardfeather Male   The Greame Jones Trophy won by Brian Daniels with Modern A.O.C Male

Best Hardfeather Female   Mr G.C Garlick Award won by Brian Daniels with Modern A.O.C Female

Best Softfeather Male   Optair Eyecare Trophy won by Rolly & Lee Holmes with A.O.C Pekin Male

Best Softfeather Female Peter & Jill Heath Trophy won by John Boulton with White Leghorn Female

Best Junior Bird   Greg Garlick Trophy won by Caitlin Mannix with Rhode Island Red Male

Best Trio   Trophy donated by Yea Poultry Club won by Michael &  Cathy Holmes with Born Leghorn Trio

Encouragement Award   Donated by Yea Rotary Club won by Vicky Carbis with Large Australorp Female

Encouragement Award   Donated by Yea Rotary Club won by Adam Kirley with Large WHite Male

Encouragement Award   Donated by Yea Rotary Club won by Blake Kirley with Waterfowl Male

Most Successful Exhibitor   Donated by  Elders of Yea won by Michael & Cathy Holmes

Fleeces Results




Grand Champion Fleece   D. McKenzie

Highest Commercial Comeback or Crossbred Fleece   M.Oliver

Champion Crossbred Fleece   M.Oliver

Champion Merino Fleece   D. Mckenzie
Most Valuable Fleece, judged on price per kilo   D. McKenzie

Merino Fleeces

1. Fine Fleece   1st T.Hubbard

2. Medium Fleece   1st D.Mckenzie                        

3. Strong Fleece                                 


Crossbred Fleeces

4. Comeback Fleece  1st  S.Curry

5. Fine Crossbred Fleece   1st M.Oliver

6. Medium Crossbred Fleece  1st   A.Sier

Horticulture Winners


Most Successful Exhibitor in Section H:  Helen Hilderbrand

Most Successful Exhibitor Junior Section:  Lucas Marasco

Best Exhibit in Roses [classes 1-7]   Susan Dobbie

Best Exhibit – other than a rose [classes 8-21]   Judi Marshman

Best Lilium   Rosemary Simon

Best Exhibit in Container [classes 22-30]    Helen Hilderbrand

Best Floral Art Exhibit [classes 31-44]   Helen Hilderbrand

Best Arrangements of Roses [class 40]  Yea Hospital

Best Exhibit in Fruit and Vegetables [classes 45-56]   Helen Hilderbrand

Best exhibitor in Junior Section   Milly-april Krickic

Best Decorated Saucer   

Best Miniature Garden   

Best Animal or Novelty in Fruit and Vegetable   


Eggs Results

1. DUCK EGGS, blue                        
2. DUCK EGGS, white    
3. HEN EGGS, light brown   
4. HEN EGGS, dark brown    

 5. HEN EGGS, white   

 6. HEN EGGS blue    


 8. Best Eggs in Show  

Cookery Results


Most successful Exhibitor in Open classes Helen Hilderbrand

Most successful Exhibitor in Section B   Rebeca Flynn

Most successful Exhibitor in Section C    Matthew Jensen

Best Preserve   Helen Hilderbrand

Best Plate of cookery in Open class    Claire Noonan

Best Plate of cookery in Section B   Rebeca Flynn

Best Plate of cookery in Section C   Heidi Dredge

VAS Rich Fruit Cake Open Section   Claire Noonan

VAS Carrot Cake    Jacinta Barker

VAS Carrot & Date Muffins-Junior   Max Papadopoulos

Mens Celebrity Chocolate Cake    Sam McCaffrey


Art, Craft & Needlework Prizes


Best piece of Handcraft in Show   Delama Moore

Best piece of Handcraft made by an exhibitor residing in Yea district   Deb Redding
Best piece of Handcraft made by a Junior exhibitor  

Most Successful Exhibitor in Open Section   Megan Macalpine

Most Successful Exhibitor Residing in the Murrindindi Shire   Deb Redding

VAS Ltd Handknitted Winner  

Best exhibit in 13 to 17 yrs. Junior Section   Eamon Garlick

Best exhibit in 7 to 12 yrs. Junior Section   Luke Muller

Best exhibit in 6 years and under Junior Section   Oliver Lane

Best stitched item under 18 years   Hamish Dalton

Champion Item made from Alpaca Fleece   Georgina O'Shea

Champion Knitting  Megan Macalpine

Champion Article of Homespun   Christine Summons

Champion Patchwork   Mrs Lynn Hilton

Champion Quilting   Deb Redding

Champion Applique  Deb Redding

Champion Toy   Megan Macalpine 

Champion Woodwork   Tander Fairchild

Champion Art [Open]    Rosemary Simon

Champion Art [B]    N Hutchins

Champion Art [C]    Ella Clary

Champion Art  [D]    Oliver Lane

Champion Embroidery

Viewer's Choice Open   Di Fletcher

Viewer's Choice Under 18   Ebony Frankcombe


Winners Proceeding to Group Finals:

Best Handmade Baby's Garment   Megan Macalpine

Best Knitted Beanie   Megan Macalpine

Best Knitted Coathanger   Megan Macalpine

Best Soft Toy   Megan Macalpine

Best Card Craft   Di Fletcher

Best Piece of Hand Beaded Jewellery  Di Fletcher

Best Page of Scrapbooking   Megan Macalpine


VAS LTD HANDKNITTED COMPETITION   1st  Judy Henwood  2nd Maree Oddy



Photography Prizes


Champion Photograph   Rebecca Polonski

Reserve Champion Photograph   Jesse Bishop

Champion Open Photograph  Rebecca polonski

Champion Intermedediate Photograph  Tander Fairchild

Champion Junior Photograph  Ebondy Frankcombe

VAS Photo Competition  1st Jesse Bishop  2nd Archie Mcaany

CWA School Section Results


1. Kinder - Decorated Wooden Spoon 
2. Painting of 

3. Colouring in of 

GRADE 1 / 2
4. Draw 

GRADE 3 / 4
5. Create a poster about 

GRADE 5 / 6
6. Write an essay on the topic

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