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Entry Fee - $0

Entries Close - Close by the 17th of November by post, otherwise enter on the day at the Secretary's office, report to the Secretary's office as soon as the Dog High Jump is finished. Eta 2:30pm

Prizes-1st-$400 per team, 2nd-$200 per team and ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


2024 SHOW SCHEDULE - Coming Soon

Head Steward


Emily Noonan- 0488 557 958



Declan Baker

  • The Australian Young Farmer Challenge (AYFC) is an engaging, entertaining and fast-paced competition for young rural people (aged 18-35yrs). The AYFC is a demonstration of the talent, skills, techniques and safe work methods that young farmers use every day.

  • Teams compete in a series of skills-based challenges related to farming with a strong emphasis on technique and safety. Competitors are asked to do their best to complete the challenges correctly against the clock, as well to focus on safety, and most importantly, enjoy the competition and provide entertainment to the audience.

  1. Eligible Teams

    • Consist of four (4) competitors​

    • Have both male and female competitors. All female or all male teams are not eligible to enter

    • Have competitors with minimum skills required depending on the competition activities such as:

      • Hold a current driver's license recognised by an Australian State or Territory​

      • Be capable of hitching a trailer to a car and backing the trailer

      • Be competent at handling livestock, including horses, sheep and cattle.

  2. Eligible Competitors

    • Have competitors between 18-35 years of age on the day the AYFC takes place. Competitors may be required to show proof of age

    • Competitors must reside in the State they are representing for the National YFC competition or within 50km of their State's border

    • Compete at their own risk

    • Undertake all competition activities in a safe manner​

    • Wear appropriate clothing to compete.

  3. Competition Guidelines

    • The winning team will be the team that completes all the challenges correctly, in a safe manner and in the fastest time​

    • Each team will have a dedicated judge who watches each challenge of the competition. The judge will determine when the team is permitted to move on to the next challenge. The judge's decision is final.

    • The team will be permitted to progress when each challenge has been completed correctly and safelty

    • The team must complete every challenge safetly and using the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Any errors made during the each challenge will result in the team having to re-do the challenge to complete it correctly, or receive a time penalty, based on the nature of the challenge

    • Teams can incur a time penatly for safety breaches

    • Teams may be disqualified in the event of a multiple safety breaches and/pr dangerous activity affecting Competitors, Officials or spectator.


Emily Noonan - 0488 557 958

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