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Entry Fee - Free

Entries Close - Fleeces must be in the hands of stewards by 7pm Thursday 23rd November. They may be left with local stock agents and stewards.

Judging -  Friday 24th November   

2024 SHOW SCHEDULE - Coming Soon

Head Steward


David McKenzie

Special Awards


Ewan Tait

All fleeces to be not more than 12 month’s growth.

All exhibitors to attach a tag to EACH fleece with the

class number and name of exhibitor printed clearly.

Only skirted fleeces to be shown.

Rams’ fleeces ineligible for championship awards.

All fleeces judged on point system.

Grand Champion Fleece — will receive the Glentannar Perpetual Trophy

and sash and will proceed to Group Final at Seymour in April 2024.

Highest Commercial Comeback or Crossbred Fleece –

will receive the Falls View Perpetual Trophy and sash

Champion Crossbred Fleece - will receive the

Norm Anderson Perpetual Trophy and a sash


Champion Merino Fleece will receive a sash

Most Valuable Fleece, judged on price per kilo, will receive a sash

Most Successful Exhibitor — awarded on points, receives a sash

Class winners will receive a ribbon


Merino Fleeces    


1. Fine Fleece                            

2. Medium Fleece                     

3. Strong Fleece                         

4. Comeback Fleece

Crossbred Fleeces

5. Crossbred Fleece

6. Medium Crossbred fleece

7. Strong Crossbred Fleece


 David McKenzie - 0401 721 157

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