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Entry Fee -  $3

Entries Close - Friday 17th November.

Prizes - 1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd Ribbon

Judging - Commences at 10am Saturday 25th November


2024 SHOW SCHEDULE - Coming Soon

Head Steward


Emily Noonan, 0488 557 958



Declan Baker


• CAE and Johne’s negative show. A current Certificate must be supplied

   with entries, kids to go on Dam’s Certificate.

• All goats must be registered in the Dairy Goat of Australia Herd Book as

  a Numbered or Appendix Section animals.

• A GOATLING is 12 months to 2 years of age on the date of Show.

  A KID is under 12 months of age on the date of Show.

• All Senior Does to be presented in ring for assessment in the appropriate

  Best Udder Classes whether or not entered in such classes.

  After milk-out assessment, only those Does actually in classes will remain

  for awarding of prizes.

• Stewards reserve the right to Inspect ear tattoos on exhibited goats at

  Any time during Show.

• Classes marked with * are special classes, and goats entered in these

  classes must be exhibited in their appropriate breed classes.

• All exhibits to be the bonafide property of the exhibitor.

• Prize money will not be given out until after 3pm.

• All exhibits will be housed under cover on pens with concrete floor.


 Bedding to be supplied by exhibitor or straw can be ordered on the entry form at a cost of $10 a bale.

1. * Best Udder, 1st Lactation

2. * Best Udder, 2nd Lactation or more

Best overall udder

3. Saanen Doe, any Lactation

4. Toggenburg Doe, any Lactation

5. British Alpine Doe, any Lactation

6. Anglo Nubian Doe, any Lactation

7. Australian Melaan Doe, any Lactation

8. Australian Brown Doe, any Lactation

9. Nigerian Dwarf Doe, any Lactation

10. La Mancha Doe, any Lactation

11. AOV Doe, any Lactation

12. Any Breed of Dry Doe

13. * Type & Production Q* (figures with entries)

14. * Type & Production Herd Recording (figures with entries)

Champion & Reserve

15. Saanen Goatling

16. Toggenburg Goatling


17. British Alpine Goatling

18. Anglo Nubian Goatling

19. Australian Melaan Goatling

20. Australian Brown Goatling

21. Nigerian Dwarf Goatling

22. La Mancha Goatling

23. AOV Goatling

Champion & Reserve


24. Saanen Doe Kid

25. Toggenburg Doe kid

26. British Alpine Doe kid

27. Anglo Nubian Doe kid

28. Australian Melaan Doe kid

29. Australian Brown Doe kid

30. Nigerian Dwarf Doe Kid

31. La Mancha Doe Kid

32. AOV Doe Kid

Champion & Reserve

Doe Kid

33. Breeders Group. 3 goats, same Stud Prefix (ideally Milker, Goatling, Kid)

34. Dam and Daughter

35. Pair of Does, same sire, different Dams, any age

36. Buck, any breed

37. Buckling, any breed

38. Buck Kid, any breed

Champion & Reserve


39. Junior Handlers Class — entries to be taken on the day, entry free.

Champion & Reserve


Champion & Reserve Saanen

Champion & Reserve Toggenburg

Champion & Reserve British Alpine

Champion & Reserve Anglo Nubian

Champion & Reserve Australian Melaan

Champion & Reserve Australian Brown

Champion & Reserve Nigerian Dwarf

Champion & Reserve La Mancha

Champion & Reserve AOV



Head Steward -  Emily Noonan

0488 557 958

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